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Why Employee Experience (EX)?

Employee Experience is the sum of all experiences an employee has with an employer. The better the experience that an employee has, the greater the emotional connection to the organization and its goals, resulting in the use of discretionary effort. In other words, the happier an employee is at work, the more willing they will be to perform above and beyond the minimum expectations. The benefits trickle down to all aspects of the business, most notably customer experience which often translates to increased repeat sales and profit.

To create a truly motivated, passionate and happy workforce, organizations must combine engagement with positive experiences and a compelling reason for being. Companies with the best growth track-record have built a culture that fosters mutual reliance and effective relationships among coworkers, values empathy, teamwork, agility, knowledge-sharing, and communication. Investing in your employee experience ultimately delivers returns back to the bottom line.


VP & employee branding

Position the organization as the employee of choice and attract the best talent in the market.

Cultural change programs

Create a high-performance culture in line with company values

Physical space design

Provide employees with the right space to foster communication and collaboration.

Backbone design

Empower employees with the right technology.

Employee journey mapping design and optimization

Voice of Employee programs

HR induction tools

Learning and development assessment, design and delivery

Our EX Roadmap

To enable lasting change and an improved Employee Experience through a strong Employee brand, employees need to feel integrated in and aligned to all areas of the business. The below roadmap shows how we run our best practice Employee Engagement Programs:


  • Understand the strategy
  • Understand objectives and goals

Identify gaps

  • Quantitative surveys
  • Qualitative research
  • Employee feedback

Communicate the changes

  • Internal communication is crucial for success
  • Finding, events and changes should be communicated from leadership

Develop people projects

  • Change program
  • Engagement journey
  • EVP campaign
  • HR projects

Implement people projects

  • Vision, value and strategy alignment workshops
  • Team building
  • Leadership programs
  • Induction programs
  • Performance management
  • Competency instruments
  • HR process and policies

Measure change

  • Pulse surveys
  • Measure people related KPI’s

Why New Metrics

  • 100% satisfaction rate
  • All projects delivered on or before deadline
  • End to end ex solution provider 
  • Cheaper than other management consultancies – reword big value competitive price
  • Cultural insights 
  • 80% arabic speakers

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